Suzy does not work 9 - 5 in an office … her office is all over the Fylde Coast.  The desk is a stage and the tools are dance moves.  The office is the dance floor where she teaches various fitness classes!  


A group fitness instructor with 27 year experience in the fitness world,  drives her forward to inspire, motivate and teach people of all ages and abilities through zumba, pound fit, aqua, aqua zumba, club fit. So much more than dance fitness, classes bring people together tackling isolation, forming new friendships and building confidence to all new customers.


Community is the key where Zumba Suzy helps raise funds for the local charities at various events, such as zumbathons, aquathons, processions and displays. 


To date her charity money raised is just over £38,500. 

Making it fun is important, her customers enjoy various themed classes thought the year - dressing up, putting the 'party' into fitness.  Theres no job like it in the world.  Zumba Suzy's  customers are long term and indeed loyal.  

Annual local events become the highlight of Zumba Suzy's working year when she dances her team through various carnival and pride processions and indeed looks immensely proud when her team have won first place on numerous occasions.

We enjoy watching the displays  and processions and its so heartwarming to hear so many people compliment them on their performances.   Her team of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.   Dance is all encompassing, everyone and anyone can join in.